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Last year, during the week of Easter, I decided living in a 8x8x8 glass cube for 7-
days would be a good idea to raise awareness to homelessness and hunger. I
called the project “Zach-In-A-Box”. Over the 7-days, I was able to raise over
6,000 pounds of food, raise substantial amounts of awareness to homelessness
and hunger… it was a success.
As Easter approached this year, a discussion began whether doing “Zach-In-ABox”
would be an efficient and effective use of resources.
As we were brainstorming, I decided to go even bigger, to break a world record.
I decided that for my next big project, I was going to break the world record for
“Most Food Collected in 24 Hours, In One Location.” The current record is held
at 560,000 pounds of food, but our goal is to raise one MILLION pounds of food,
enough to provide meals to one million people.
I began taking the project around to some of our partners, and they loved the
idea. Walmart so much so, they promised one pallet of food from each of their
stores and distribution centers in the over–9,000 square mile area we are
serving. Feeding America Tampa Bay, Metropolitan Ministries, and other local
community partners came on board in an impressive cross-agency
Now, it’s your turn. With the click of a mouse, or a few key strokes, you can be a
record breaker. So put down the Latté for a day and donate $5, or put it down for
a week and donate more. In the 10 years I have been working in social service, I
have learned that in order to change the world, we all have to do our part.
Whether you can donate a few dollars, or write a big check, help us feed one
million of Florida’s hungriest. Join me in the Food For A Million Project.

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